What are the downsides for an Indian living in the USA?

What are the downsides for an Indian living in the USA?

The Illusion of the American Dream

The idea of the American Dream is a fascinating and deeply ingrained concept that resonates not only with my fellow Indians, but with people across the globe. The land of opportunities, soaring skyscrapers, and a skyline that lights up like a thousand diamonds- that's USA for many of us. But let me tell you, my dear reader, beneath the glittering facade of the American dream, is a reality that is not all sunshine and rainbows. For an Indian like myself who made the move, the transition wasn't as smooth as I anticipated.

Living in the USA, often means parting from your comfort zone, from the familiarity of your culture to the simplicity of your language. The adage "home is where the heart is" hits you hard when the nostalgia creeps in. A part of you will always yearn for the local markets, the spicy street food, the spiritual chants from the temples or perhaps even the chaos of your city. We might have presumed that the pain of homesickness would fade away over time, but believe me, it only deepens.''

Cultural Shock is More Than Just a Shock

Moving to a foreign land is never easy, and when it comes to the USA, the shift can be quite stormy especially if you are from a traditionally rich country like India. There's the inevitable 'culture shock' that you would have to navigate through. The stark cultural differences can often hit you hard - be it the individualistic lifestyle of the Western world in contrast to the community-centric life back home, or the unfamiliarity with festive celebrations and traditions that you were never part of.

As someone who’s experienced it firsthand, I can tell you it's not just about adjusting to new food habits or the changing weather patterns. It's the emotional turmoil that takes its toll. The culture shock also extends to the workplace. The work culture in America is understandably different, leaning towards competitiveness. For someone hailing from India, where cooperation takes precedence over competition, it might be challenging to become accustomed to this difference.

You Might Feel Lost and Lonely

The reality, however harsh, is that adjusting to a foreign country can leave you feeling lost and lonely. It is important to understand that making friends takes time. I too have learned this the hard way! In India, you are inundated with familial love and support. You have your entire tribe beside you. But in the USA, it can take time to build new friendships and relationships. You may start to miss the sense of belonging that you enjoyed in India.

Story time – when I first moved here, I remember celebrating my first birthday in the USA, practically by myself! Believe me, nothing hurts more than being far from your friends and family on such special occasions. But with passing days, things get better. Being patient and brave is the key. But yes, the path could be difficult and lonely sometimes.

The Struggle with Racism

It would be naive to believe that the issue of racism doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, racial bias is a universal issue and the USA is no exception. I, like many others, have been asked cringe-worthy questions about my accent, my way of dressing, or why I eat with my hands. Is it frustrating? Absolutely! But it's not a reflection of every American, of course.

As an Indian living in the US, you are bound to become the target of some stereotypes. You may be mistaken for a cab driver or an IT geek. However, the key is to stay true to your roots, maintaining your dignity. In the face of racial prejudice, remember - "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth."

The Battle with the English Language

India is a multilingual country with a rich history of diverse language traditions. However, the English language prevalent in the US is quite different from the English we've learned back home. Sure, English is widely spoken in India, but are you prepared for all those Americanisms and slang?

I still remember the first time I heard “Howdy, partner!” and my immediate confusion! Trust me, these colloquial terms and phrases will baffle you initially. But worry not. It's just a matter of time before you adapt to these linguistic quirks and blend in.

Healthcare Can Be a Minefield

The healthcare system in the USA is a complex web. Without proper insurance, healthcare can be insanely expensive. This is quite different from India, where healthcare is more affordable, even though the quality of care may vary widely.

So, forget about those easy walk-in treatments that you were accustomed to in India. Even simple procedures can burn significant holes in your pocket if you aren't properly insured. I sure hope you never need a dentist in an emergency- it could cost you an arm and a leg. Figuratively, not literally!

Temples and Spices: Finding Them will be a Quest

If you are a devotee accustomed to starting your day with temple visits, you might find yourself longing for that spiritual solace. Yes, there are temples in the USA but it's not the same as hopping across to the local temple around the corner back in India.

And then there's the eternal quest for good curry and authentic spices! A plate of steaming Basmati rice, dal, and a spicy curry was a staple back home, right? But finding authentic Indian spices in American supermarkets can become a quest. However, with time, you do stumble upon places that make you feel a wee bit closer to home. And let's not forget – good food is a mood changer!

So, there you have it. These are some of the challenges, which, as an Indian, you may face living in the USA. It doesn't mean life in the USA is all doom and gloom. There's the exhilarating experience of learning about a new culture, the excitement of exploring places, and the endless possibilities that life in the USA can afford. But yes, like other expatriates, Indians do face these challenges when they venture across the seas to realize their American dreams.