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About Inford | India’s Leading Information Technology Company

Founded in the year 2006 as one of India’s garage start-ups in New Delhi for website development, today the Inford is one of the reputed Information Technology services providers in India is a vertically IT solutions company that offers a diverse bouquet of IT services and can boast of a reach that spreads across the length and breadth of the global reach.

Inford wide range of specialized services includes E-commerce Website, Website Design and development, Custom Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, Online Sales Management and CRM

It is privately funded, do not rely on venture capital and operate on a continuously profitable basis, thus are able to maintain all operations and growth with the current revenues.

It is a company with sample amount of flexibility. We never let customers pay more than they need, or give less attention than they deserve. Our philosophy being “Complete Customer Satisfaction” which makes us a people oriented company, wherein we work person-to-person and not business-to-Business.

We amalgamate our skills and creativity to develop unique portal and that will leave your visitors spellbound. With our 9+ years of industry experience, we have created our footprints globally. We have a team of professional developers and designers who works dedicatedly to build for you an interactive and user-friendly portal.

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We have designed our website from Inford . We are totatly satisfied with thier services to us. Their prices & qulity are unmatched, we are continuoing our business relation with
Sunil Gautam CEO, Yoga Naturopathy, Delhi
Thanks, we’re very pleased with the web service and will be adding more for next year, also highly likely we’ll be looking to put some accounts work your way again
Harish Bhagat CEO Of Job placement Company, Delhi
I will heartly appreciate Inford Corporation's team for their hard work and timely supports. And my special vote of thanks goes to Mr. Vivek Singh to help and advise us
Vijay Rao Director of VISA Voluntary Sanstha

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How is the life of Indian immigrant in Australia?

Indian immigrants in Australia have been a part of the Australian population since the late 18th century. They have contributed to the development of the country in many ways, and their presence in the country has been steadily growing in recent years. Indian immigrants often find it difficult to adjust to the new culture and lifestyle in Australia, but many are able to overcome the language and cultural barriers and find success in the country. Employment opportunities in Australia are better than those in India, and many immigrants are able to find better-paying jobs and improve their standard of living. The Indian community in Australia is a vibrant one, and there are many cultural, social, and religious organizations that cater to the needs of Indian immigrants. Keywords: Indian immigrants, Australia, culture, lifestyle, employment, language, standard of living.

What is life like for an Indian in Singapore?

Life for an Indian in Singapore is an experience of a unique kind. Being part of a diverse community, Indian expatriates in Singapore often have a great time discovering the different cultures and cuisines that the city has to offer. They have access to educational and employment opportunities, as well as the ability to take part in community activities and events. Despite this, the Indian expatriates may face some challenges, such as cultural and language barriers and difficulty adapting to a new environment. Nonetheless, with the right attitude and a bit of effort, these challenges can be overcome.

What is the caste of the Indian prime minister Modi?

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, belongs to the Other Backward Class (OBC) in India, which is a caste-based system of social stratification. This class is considered to be below the upper castes, but above the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Modi's OBC caste is called the Modh-Ghanchi, which is a sub-caste of the larger Baniya caste. He has been a vocal supporter of the OBCs and has worked to create more economic opportunities for them.

Did Jesus Christ ever visit or live in India, Tibet or Kashmir?

No, there is no evidence that Jesus Christ ever visited or lived in India, Tibet or Kashmir. Jesus Christ was born and lived in the Middle East region, and there is no record of him traveling to India, Tibet or Kashmir.

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