Brand Naming

Naming a brand is crucial to a product's reputation and success because it reflects its image and benefits in a way that can be differentiating.



  1. Naming a brand is crucial to its reputation, development, and future success because the primary function of the brand (name and image) is to identify the product or service in a way that it differentiates it from those of other competitors.
  2. A brand name reflects the overall product image, positioning and, ideally, its benefits.
  3. At its best, a brand can provide a carryover effect when customers are able to associate quality products with an established brand name.
  4. A successful brand name can enable a product to: be meaningfully advertised and distinguished from competitors, be tracked down by consumers, and be given legal protection.
  5. The process of naming a brand is key because it requires a systematic effort that includes generating potential brand names, screening them (oftentimes conducting market research to test their potential among consumers), and ultimately selecting the one that holds the most potential.




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